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Technical Equipment
    Axis has the state of the art video, audio, and lighting technology to aid your presentation. See a list of the equipment available below.

Technical Equipment
    Audio Playback Capabilities:
  • 5.1 Surround sound audio. 250 watts per channel and two separate audio feeds to the lobby.
  • CD, DAT, ADAT (8 tracks), mini disc, Sampler (Akai S6000).
Video Playback Capabilities:
  • DVD, several VHS/SVHS & 2 BETA SP.
  • Two dedicated video feeds to the lobby.
  • Two 17" Sony Trinitron monitors in the lobby.
  • Three dedicated video feeds to any location in the theater with monitors available.
    Video projection:
  • PROXIMA rear projection onto 8 x 10 foot screen.

Lighting equipment
A complete, flexible, state-of-the-art stage lighting system, with:
  • 60 hard wired circuits
  • computer control (ETC Express 125)
  • 72 fixtures (48- ETC Source4, 24-Altman 6" Fresnel)
  • Electronic dimmers (60-ETC Sensor, 2.4 Kw)