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Virtual Tour

Loading below is a Quicktime VR presentation walk-through of the One Sheridan Space. The presentation is approximately 700K in size and may take over a minute to load if you are using a dial up service to connect to the Internet. If you would prefer to see still photos of the space click here for a series of still images.

Instructions for use: When you place your cursor within the presentation it will become a circular target shape. Click and hold down your mouse button while scrolling left, right, up and down. As your mouse nears the edge of the image, other areas will scroll into view. If you want to zoom in use your Shift key. To zoom out use the Control key.

Hotspots: Within the presentation there are hotspots. When you encounter a hot spot your cursor will become a forward pointing arrow. Click the mouse at these hotspots to move from room to room in the theater.

System requirements: To view the Virtual Tour you will need Quicktime 2.5 or later (Mac) or Quicktime 3.0 or later (windows). Click here to download Quicktime.